Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Hipsters aren’t all good-looking stylish superior trustafarian talented lazy party-addled self-doubting snobby multi-sexual artistes.

I’m going to get myself one of those hipsters.   They are so adorable with their smooth hair, neat beards, tidy tattoos, and earnest eyes.  I love their retro clothes – all pressed and buttoned correctly.  The dedication to arts and crafts is so cute, even if their desire to become financially independent from their hobbies is unrealistic.  Using old fashioned bikes to get around, eating bio-organic museli, drinking green grass juice – mindfulness without the need to conform to the rules of Buddhism.   Yes, they do seem to be a serious bunch, but this is just part of being super cool.  Hipsters actually love unstated fun.  They  often treat themselves with  European cigarettes and old man beers, especially after working a shift at a busy café.    Their music sounds like something my parents enjoyed,  -  spinning records and sipping ginger wine with the disapproval of their own parents.  Most of all I love that they pretend to live in an alternate world, rejecting the mainstream to develop their own self-identity wearing op-shop clothing treasures and rehashing the 1960s lifestyle, minus the offensive political doctrines on issues like gender or race or sexuality. 

I hope that when I get myself a hipster it will be like living with my Dad before I was born.  A time when he wore a beard and side-part; listened to his own cool music; knew how to make pizza dough by hand; rode a bike or took the bus as was fitting to his (financial) means; smoked Camel cigarettes; drank German wine from funny shaped green bottles; and dated a woman with smoky eyes, feminine clothing and cat-eyed sunglasses. 

Anyway, I think getting a hipster would be fun.  A 20-something guy with a top-knot or a brill-creamed ‘do and matching beard, with plaid shirt, skinny pants and decent shoes – to help out with the cooking, gardening, morning expresso – and maybe a touch of knitting if needed.   Hmmm, that could be a fun addition to the house.

This one looks like he knows his way around an ironing board....

                                                   Photo by Christian Rodriguez via Pinterest

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